Email notifications for live chat requests

How to set up automated notification triggers for chatbot users who request to chat with a live agent, but because all live agents are busy and can not reply within 2 minutes of asking the chatbot owner will want to offer additional information to these waiting chatbot users. (Note, notifications will go out after 2 minutes of the request because our default SLA time is set to 2 minutes).

There is a default trigger in Promptchat called “not-answered-chat“. This trigger is available in every Promptchat chatbot. What it does is; it will trigger an automated message to be sent to the chatbot user informing them of for example “sorry we are not available to answer your live chat request right now but don’t worry if you have an emergency you can call us on +44 1234 5678 90 or send us a WhatsApp to +44 12345678 90 you can also email us on

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